What are LA Weave Weft Extensions?

LA Weave is a braid-less sew-in method. Discreet and flat an alternative to a braided technique. Having seamless extensions where no one can tell where they start, or stop is always the number one goal.


But how does it work? 


A track is built using silicone micro beads. The weft is then sewn onto the sectioned linked micro rings and hair.

This method is a super popular hair extension choice. Perfect if you’re looking for a secure yet comfortable application and your hair goal is to create a full, luxurious finish.

Weft hair extensions, or machine weft extensions, are one long piece of hair extensions sewn together on a long strip.

This strip can be cut up into smaller pieces to fit onto a person’s head. This can be attached via micro beads and several rows can be added until the desired thickness is achieved.

Beaded method wefts are a quick and easy way to add length and thickness. The weft is attached to the natural hair via clamping on a bead; this can last 4-6 weeks before it needs moving up, depending on hair growth and how well they have been looked after.


Although there is more regular upkeep required with this method, it’s very quick and cost-effective, and there is reduced damage to the hair. It is also great for a temporary solution if only needed for a short time, as its quick to remove.

How long does it last?

We would normally recommend having them removed and refitted after 6-8 weeks as the extensions will have grown down, and you may start to feel a tugging sensation from the hair.

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LA Weave Weft Extensions



What are Micro Beads?

Micro Bead hair extensions are a technique in which hair is pulled through a Micro Ring; silicone lined to grip your hair.


After the bead is around the hair, we add the pre-bonded keratin extensions into the Micro Ring and then lock and clamp shut.

How long does it last?

Micro Rings need removing and refitting every 8-10 weeks and can be repositioned every 4-6 weeks. Despite their regular maintenance, Micro Rings are reusable.

Application time is 1.5–3hrs depending on your natural hair thickness.

Removal time is 1hr–2hrs and this method will require a refit every 6-8 weeks.

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Micro Bead Extensions