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Feathered Brows & Beauty offers a semi-permanent to permanent hair removal solution that is perfect for those who have unwanted hair either for cosmetic or hormonal reasons, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


Often unwanted hair issues can be the cause of low self-esteem, and this can be so easily solved with laser hair removal. With sessions done over regular intervals (depending on what you're having done and your body hair type), you'll see a fantastic result in hair reduction, or in most cases, complete hair removal. 


Feel smooth and confident with our laser hair removal treatments, and at very affordable prices. 



Not all laser hair removal treatments are the same. In some cases, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) can be an effective hair removal solution, however, it is widely recommended that the use of Laser will guarantee a more successful hair removal result. 

LASER Hair Removal vs IPL Hair Removal - a brief outline of why Laser Hair Removal is far superior to the IPL system:

How do IPL and Laser hair removal work?
Unlike Laser treatments (which emit a specific wavelength), IPL works like a flash-lamp, sending out scattered wavelengths of light, making IPL very targeted. That also means it affects the pigment in your skin too, so IPL only really works for those with fair skin and dark hair.

"It's now generally accepted that IPL is a good workhorse for treating blood vessels, but not a very good one for hair removal. The truth is, it's limited and quite uncomfortable."

"The great thing about laser is that you can specifically set them up, adapting the nanometre of the wavelengths to target an exact pigment. For example we know that brown hair is zapped at 800 nanometres."

So if laser is more effective, is it more painful?

Not at all. Laser feels like a light flick of warmth upon the skin, but it does vary from laser to laser. Most experts also agree that laser is considerably less painful than IPL "which uses hundreds of wavelengths in each pulse, which only serve to heat up the skin without having any effect on reducing the growth of the hair," explain the experts.

*Source: Dr Patrick Bowler, laser expert, Courthouse Clinics

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Owner, Julie Keany with the laser equipment for hair removal.